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5, Kasumigaseki 1-2-2, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8975, Wraps PDF. Copyright Ministry of the Environment Government of Japan.

Vous vous lassez du traditionnel sandwich de midi ? Laissez-vous tenter par un wrap – quelques ingrédients savoureux enveloppés dans une galette de blé ou de maïs. Après avoir goûté à ces gourmandises, vous ne pourrez plus vous en passer : pique-nique, brunch ou repas estival entre amis seront autant de prétextes à leur dégustation. Adaptables à l’infini, les wraps peuvent être préparés avec tous les ingrédients qui vous font envie, des plus traditionnels aux plus extravagants, salés ou sucrés. Lancez-vous dans ces nouvelles expériences culinaires et, surtout, faites preuve d’imagination !

Choice of Chicken, Beef, Steak or Veggie with House Salsa. This article does not cite any sources. Polo wraps are bandage materials, usually made of fleece, for a horse’s legs. They can be quite stretchy compared to other bandaging materials, and are used mainly for protection during ridden work, longeing, and turnout. Polo wraps can be used for many tasks and disciplines: they protect against minor scrapes and bruises and help prevent irritation from sand or arena footing. Usually, polos are used without any padding underneath. Polos may also be used while riding, most commonly on dressage horses or while schooling show hunters or show jumpers.

The jumpers and equitation divisions permit the use of polos in competition, however, most riders opt for boots, as they provide better protection. Polos are also commonly used during longeing. Some people turn their horses out in polos, although they must take care that the horse is not turned out in a wet pasture and that the polos are well secured. Horses are sometimes shipped in polos for protection. However, shipping bandages or shipping boots provide much better protection, and are therefore preferable. There are several different ways to apply a polo wrap. The methods differ primarily in the location the wrapping is begun.

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