Three D Top Goals Workbook 3e DP PDF

Your browser will redirect to your requested three D Top Goals Workbook 3e DP PDF shortly. Not to be confused with Wakanda.

> Cinq pages d’exercices supplémentaires par unité.
> Nombreux supports illustrés, jeux et quiz.
> Approfondissement à partir des scripts des enregistrements.
> Ouvertures culturelles.
> Une page entière par unité consacrée à l’expression orale (EOI ouEOC).

Uganda takes its name from the Buganda kingdom, which encompasses a large portion of the south of the country, including the capital Kampala. Beginning in 1894, the area was ruled as a protectorate by the UK, who established administrative law across the territory. Uganda gained independence from the UK on 9 October 1962. The official languages are English and Swahili, although « any other language may be used as a medium of instruction in schools or other educational institutions or for legislative, administrative or judicial purposes as may be prescribed by law.

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