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Random images from Insula V 1. The Swedish Pompeii Project started in 2000 as pompéi PDF fieldwork project initiated at the Swedish Institute in Rome.

The aim was to record and analyse an entire Pompeian city-block, Insula V 1. In the recording process large quantities of data and photographs have been amassed and this is the forum we have chosen to share the collected information with those interested in the details of Pompeian houses. Some excavation took place in spots critical for the understanding of earlier phases of the city. Created to encompass all major disciplines promoted by the Swedish Institute in Rome, our research also targets a wider contextualisation of the Pompeian evidence. Pompeii Revived is the title used to shelter studies in legacy, whereas the City Gate Seminar has the ambition to discuss the validity of historical analogies as guidance for interpretation of evidence concerning everyday life in the past in a broad sense. Since autumn 2010 the project and its research is directed from the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History at Lund University. Simultaneously a new branch of advanced digital archaeology, involving 3D reconstructions and documentation methods was added to the project agenda.

Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell’Informazione « A. Pisa and the Humanities Lab at Lund University. Anne-Marie Leander Touati, director of the Swedish Pompeii Project and its web. Henrik Boman, editor, webmaster: structure, text and image. Mats Holmlund, web designer: database administrator and technical support. The construction of this page is funded by the National Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation and the Swedish Research Council.

To be able to view the many images on this site, you have to set your browser preferences to allow popup windows. Examine the 3D models of the Insula. Click for a guided tour to the House of Caecilius Iucundus. If you missed it, click on the image.

Un article de Wikipédia, l’encyclopédie libre. Le film commence en 62 apr. Après une ellipse, le récit reprend en 79 dans la province romaine de Bretagne. Elle revient d’un séjour d’une année à Rome, capitale de l’empire, dont elle s’est lassée à cause de l’attitude arrogante des Romains.

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