Maths 3e PDF

Then students to find an Eulerian trail for a network with four odd nodes. Networks   This maths 3e PDF introduces the terms used when working with networks, and gives students practice in using them. It involves students setting up their own network as the basis for a sightseeing tour.

Travelling Salesman Algorithm, depending on whether their route involves visiting the edges or the vertices of their network. Cable TV This activity shows students how to use Kruskal’s and Prim’s algorithms to solve minimum connector problems. A cable TV problem introduces the topic and the rules for the two algorithms. Refurbishing a room An introduction to critical path analysis. Revision BooksPDF revision books with full worked answers. Revision CardsSL and HL Revision Cards with worked answers and video explanations.

Also, a Desmos lesson added on areas under curves in the teacher site. All new HL revision tests completed and uploaded for teachers and school subscribers. Each paper takes an hour to complete and has full worked solutions. All unit tests for SL are now completed and online for teacher and school access. A long review form for HL students added.

40 questions that will take around 1. You will need to know how to integrate before doing this review. More Studies Google forms to follow. Added differentiation HL and integration HL Google self-marking review forms. Each should take about 90 minutes to complete.

5 Paper 1 and 5 Paper 2 revision tests all with full worked answers now available to all teachers and school subscribers. A complete set of 10 revision tests for SL is now available. This includes 5 Paper 1 tests and 5 Paper 2 tests, each should take about an hour to complete in class or for homework. Then students to find an Eulerian trail for a network with four odd nodes.

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Maths, 3e PDF

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