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Jeanne Joséphine Costille Lumière, who were married in 1861 and moved to Besançon, setting up a small photographic portrait studio where Auguste and Louis were born. When their father retired in 1892 the brothers began to create moving pictures. The Lumière brothers saw lumière dans la mer PDF as a novelty and had withdrawn from the film business in 1905. They went on to develop the first practical photographic colour process, the Lumière Autochrome.

Louis died on 6 June 1948 and Auguste on 10 April 1954. They are buried in a family tomb in the New Guillotière Cemetery in Lyon. The Lumières held their first private screening of projected motion pictures in 1895. Léon Gaumont, then director of the company the Comptoir géneral de la photographie. The Lumières gave their first paid public screening on 28 December 1895, at Salon Indien du Grand Café in Paris. Each film is 17 meters long, which, when hand cranked through a projector, runs approximately 50 seconds.

Léon Bouly’s cinématographe device, which was patented the previous year. The date of the recording of their first film is in dispute. In an interview with Georges Sadoul given in 1948, Louis Lumière tells that he shot the film in August 1894. Autochrome colour picture by Jean-Baptiste Tournassoud of North-African soldiers, Oise, France, 1917. The brothers stated that « the cinema is an invention without any future » and declined to sell their camera to other filmmakers such as Georges Méliès. This made many film makers upset. Consequently, their role in the history of film was exceedingly brief.

In parallel with their cinema work they experimented with colour photography. The Lumière Brothers were not the only ones to claim the title of the first cinematographers. Since 1892, the projected drawings of Émile Reynaud’s Théâtre Optique were attracting Paris crowds to the Musée Grévin. Although the Lumière brothers were not the first inventors to develop techniques to create motion pictures, they are often credited as among the first inventors of the technology for cinema as a mass medium, and are among the first who understood how to use it. Their house in Lyon is now the Institut Lumière museum.

L’Idéal Cinéma Jacques Tati in Aniche the oldest still-active cinéma in the world, though not continuously, since 23 November 1905. Louis Lumière, 83, A Screen Pioneer. Credited in France With The Invention of Motion Picture ». La première séance publique payante », Institut Lumière Archived 12 September 2005 at the Wayback Machine.

Companion Encyclopedia of Middle Eastern and North African Film. The Lumière Autochrome: History, Technology, and Preservation. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Frères Lumière. Also includes a program for the event.

Recipients of the Order of St. La Mer, court-métrage allemand réalisé par Natja Brunckhorst et Frank Griebe en 2002. La Mer, œuvre de Claude Debussy. La Mer, chanson de Charles Trenet. La mer n’a pas voulu – Histoires de naufrages heureux de Saint-Loup, Arthaud 1978.

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