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He was born Jean de Hollingue either in 1459 or earlier, but records of his early life, as is so often le mouton PDF case with Renaissance composers, are scant. Mouton composed a motet, Christus vincit, for the election of Leo X as pope in 1513. Glarean used several examples of Mouton’s music in his influential treatise, the Dodecachordon. Mouton may have been the editor of the illuminated manuscript known as the Medici Codex, one of the primary manuscript sources of the time, which was a wedding gift for Lorenzo de’ Medici.

Near the end of his life, Mouton moved to Saint-Quentin. According to the engraving on his tombstone, he became a canon at the collegiate church of Saint-Quentin, taking over for Loyset Compère who died in 1518. Mouton was hugely influential both as a composer and as a teacher. Around 1500, Mouton seems to have become more aware of chords and harmonic feeling, probably due to his encounter with Italian music.

Mouton was a fine musical craftsman throughout his life, highly regarded by his contemporaries and much in demand by his royal patrons. He also influenced posthumously the outstanding music theorist Gioseffo Zarlino, himself a pupil of Willaert, who referred to him, somewhat enthusiastically as his « precettore ». Ave Maria – virgo serena for five voices, in two parts. Nesciens mater for eight voices, a tour de force of canon writing, being a quadruple canon at an interval of the fifth, proceeding a space of two measures.

Quaeramus cum pastoribus for four voices, in two parts. Article « Jean Mouton, » in The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, ed. Gustave Reese, Music in the Renaissance. Heavenly Spheres, CBC Records, MVCD 1121, sung by Studio de musique ancienne de Montréal.

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