Le mot pour dire: Vocabulaire thématique français PDF

Eigenbewertungen der Betreiber der jeweiligen Sites. Unterrichtsvorschlag von Alexander Kraus auf der Site von Lehrer-online. Toute la le mot pour dire: Vocabulaire thématique français PDF en 1 site! Jean-Jacques Goldman, « Les choses », extraite du CD Chanson pour les pieds.

This book is a language learning tool. It presents 50 different themes and collects hundreds of French words and expressions for each theme. There is no translation in the book, as finding a word’s translation may be enough to add it to the learner’s passive vocabulary, therefore it’s a great start for learning the word. Here is a list of the themes: communication basics, countries, professions, family, numbers, time, education, weather, description of a person, human body, clothing, colors, materials, accommodation, city life, country life, transport, cars, holidays, everyday life and social life, health and illness, feelings and love, vacation and travel, hotel, shopping, food, fruits, vegetables, cooking, restaurant, hobby, sport, art, music, books, TV and Cinema, environment and pollution, nature, animals, plants, biology, chemistry, geography, mathematics, computer, physics, history, politics, religion, useful expressions.

Le Dico des mots imaginaires est un dictionnaire collaboratif en ligne sur des mots purements imaginaires. Von der Maternelle bis zur Erwachsenenbildung anwendbar. Diese « Unterrichtsrezepte » helfen, das eigene Verhalten praxisnah zu reflektieren, anzupassen und das Repertoire zu erweitern. Type any text with French accents: « This page allows you to easily type French accents and other French characters without a French keyboard.

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