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Comedy Central and all related titles, logos and 2011 30 X 30 Snoopy PDF are trademarks of comedy partners. Follow the link for more information. Tower Heist is a 2011 American heist comedy film directed by Brett Ratner and written by Ted Griffin and Jeff Nathanson, based on a story by Bill Collage, Adam Cooper and Griffin.

Tower Heist began development as early as 2005, based on an idea by Murphy that would star himself and an all-black cast of comedians as a heist group who rob Trump International Hotel and Tower. The film received mixed reviews with much of the praise going to the cast, including Broderick, Leoni and Stiller. However, Murphy was repeatedly singled out by critics as the star of the film, with critics feeling that he displayed a welcome return to the comedic style of his early career. Prior to release, the film was involved in a controversy over plans by Universal Pictures to release it for home viewing on video on demand to 500,000 Comcast customers, only three weeks after its theatrical debut. Josh Kovaks is the building manager of The Tower, an upscale apartment complex in New York City.

One morning Josh witnesses what he believes is Arthur Shaw, The Tower’s penthouse tenant, being kidnapped. 20 million as a reserve, and that Josh should steal it. Josh, Charlie, Enrique, and evicted Tower tenant Mr. Fitzhugh conspire to find and steal the money from Shaw’s assumed safe. They supplement their inexperience by enlisting Josh’s childhood friend Slide, a petty criminal, and Odessa, who has locksmith experience that can help open the safe. Slide attempts to betray the team by reaching the safe first, having tricked Odessa into giving him lessons. The team intercepts him at Shaw’s apartment and during the ensuing altercation, they break down a false wall, revealing Shaw’s safe, which turns out to be empty.

As they reach the lobby, Denham and Shaw return revealing the Thanksgiving Day court date to be a ruse. Denham notes the missing car and Shaw’s safe remanding him back into federal custody until his real court date for violating his bail by not declaring the latter. Miss Iovenko arrives, telling the FBI that she passed her bar exam three days ago and will be acting as Josh’s attorney. The team retrieve the car and send various parts to Tower employees to compensate for their lost pensions, as Josh is led to his cell, a satisfied smile slowly forms on his face. Top to bottom: Ben Stiller, Matthew Broderick, and Alan Alda star in the film. A petty crook and Josh’s childhood friend whom Josh turns to for help. Murphy joined the cast on October 13, 2010, and became a producer on the film.

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